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Experienced Counsel For Commercial Landlords And Tenants

Commercial landlord-tenant disputes are complex and high-stakes. The law firm of Francis J. Slavin, P.C., has represented both sides of the equation. We defend commercial tenants and assert their rights under Arizona law. We counsel commercial landlords and property management companies in dispute resolution, collection actions and foreclosure proceedings.

Our attorneys have decades of experience in real estate law, including commercial lease litigation and foreclosure defense. Based in Phoenix, we represent commercial clients throughout Arizona.

Please note: Our firm does NOT handle residential landlord-tenant disputes.

Commercial Lease Law

Commercial lease agreements tend to be customized, rather than relying on standard forms. While the additional terms and details are intended to preclude disputes, these extra clauses can have the opposite effect of creating ambiguities and competing interpretations. Our lawyers provide the nuanced knowledge to protect either party in negotiating, drafting and review of commercial leases.

We can advise on gross, net and hybrid leases and pros and cons of each type. We work with clients to ensure the contract is clear and protects their interests. We can address every detail from length, rent, utilities and maintenance to dispute resolution clauses.

Commercial Landlord-Tenant Disputes And Foreclosure

Francis J. Slavin, P.C., represents tenants, owners and property managers in all manner of commercial landlord-tenant disputes and litigation, including:

  • Lease violations
  • Renewal and right of first refusal
  • Rent extensions (in writing)
  • Lockouts and tenants’ rights
  • Commercial foreclosure and repossession
  • Collection actions for rent arrears
  • Personal guaranty claims (if applicable)

Unlike pent-up demand for housing units, replacing commercial tenants is not always so simple, especially in the current economic climate. Resolving the dispute is usually in the best interests of both parties. Our lawyers have extensive experience in this arena.

That said, when commercial foreclosure becomes necessary, our attorneys are likewise well-versed in the procedures, from notification requirements and grace periods to the sheriff’s order for eviction.

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Early intervention is often the key to a win-win resolution of commercial landlord-tenant conflicts. For an initial consultation relating to a commercial lease or dispute, call our Phoenix firm at 602-381-8700 or contact us online.