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Decades Of Acumen In Commercial Real Estate Transactions

A commercial real estate sale contract involves property that is being sold or purchased for business or investment purposes. The process of negotiating the terms of the sale, and the drafting and execution of commercial real estate sale contracts, if done properly, can help protect both buyer and seller down the road.

The law firm of Francis J. Slavin, P.C., routinely handles real estate litigation matters. This allows us to factor in our experience when drafting real estate contracts, which can help our clients avoid potential future litigation. Using a standard form contract does not always cover the specifics of a particular transaction. Having nonlawyers draft and prepare real estate documents, while perhaps economical, could be a costly decision down the road. We think through each contract as if it were being legally challenged after the closing. Our strategic and farsighted defensive drafting approach helps protect our clients against future claims and provides them with a real advantage.

Before You Sign That Real Estate Contract

With so much at stake, you can’t rely on assurances from the buyer, seller or agent that the contract covers all the bases. For negotiation, drafting or review of contracts for commercial property transactions – or commercial lease agreements – contact our experienced Phoenix real estate lawyers. Call 602-381-8700 or email us.