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On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2021 | Real Estate Transactions |

It seems like new stores, businesses, restaurants and more are popping up all over in Phoenix. Sometimes these enterprises take over an existing building, meaning that a commercial real estate contract is necessary. It is important that such contracts are clear and concise, in order to ensure a successful transaction. However, such transactions can be complex.

Can I just use a form contract I found on the Internet?

Boilerplate form contracts you might find on the Internet may seem tempting but using that as the backbone of your real estate transaction can lead to trouble down the road. A form contract can leave out important details or be so vague as to be unenforceable. Even having a nonlawyer draft contracts can lead to trouble, as they may be expensive both in terms of drafting the contract and enforcing it if problems come up down the road. In the end, it is best to seek legal advice when it comes to your real estate transactions.

Our firm helps with real estate transactions

Our firm’s experience in drafting real estate contracts can help our clients avoid litigation down the road. We can assist with negotiating the terms of the sale and the drafting of a contract that, in the end, protects both the buyer and the seller. We take a strategic and farsighted approach to drafting contracts, protecting our clients against future claims.

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Ultimately, this post is for educational purposes only and does not contain legal advice. Those in the Phoenix area who want to learn more about real estate transactions may find our firm’s website to be a good source of information.