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Condo construct defects

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2023 | Construction & Design Defects |

With the recent explosion in home prices and the difficulty getting housing financing, there has been a renewed interest in condominiums. This interest has extended into Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding areas, and according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, there are millions of Condominium projects across the country. However, as the Champlain Towers tragedy in Surfside, Florida, taught us, condos have their own set of serious issues.

Single-family home vs. condominium

The primary difference between a Phoenix, Arizona, single family structure vs. a condominium that affects both residential and commercial spaces is one of detached vs. shared space. In other words, in a detached space, your walls are your own, and they are not connected to anyone else’s walls. This means that you solve any defects and issues, and you usually only need to worry about your own negligence.

On the other hand, in shared spaces, like condos, most of your walls and, likely both your ceiling and roof will be shared by other occupants. This means that you share maintenance costs (which is great), but you also must worry about the negligence of other residents and the negligence of everyone else they invite onto the property.

And, this negligence can cascade. For example, if multiple residents pour grease down the pipes, even though most residents do not, all residents will communally pay to fix (or replace) the plumbing system as a result of those other residents’ negligence.

Major repairs

One way that Phoenix, Arizona, condo salespeople sell condos is on the communal and shared responsibility of condo ownership. It is usually that if there is ever a defect in the building, the cost to fix it is split. However, the costs of large condominiums can reach the millions, which is often unaffordable for residents of older condominiums that are sold to lower-income residents.

Concrete issues

Another defect that plagues condos relates to concrete as these structures tend to use much more concrete than other building types. Of course, they use it in support structures, but they are also used in parking garages and lots, streets, walkways, sidewalks, drainage structures, etc. Each will crack over time, and if not mitigated immediately, will worsen. However, you may have legal recourse against the Phoenix, Arizona, condo association, the original construction company or other construction companies the condo association hired.