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Avoid these mistakes when seeking a zoning variance

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2023 | Municipal & Public Agency Law, Real Estate Transactions |

If you need a zoning variance to further your business interests, then you have to know how to navigate the process. If you don’t, then you could see your variance application denied, which puts you and your business in a tough spot.

As you prepare to seek a variance for the land use and development that you want to pursue, you need to adequately prepare.

Commonly made mistakes when seeking a land use and development variance

The process of seeking a zoning variance can seem straightforward. In reality, though, it’s highly nuanced. This means that it’s easy to make mistakes that can crush your hopes of obtaining the outcome you want. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest mistakes that you’ll want to avoid moving forward:

  • Inadequately assessing the property’s approved uses to see if and how you need to have it rezoned.
  • Submitting incomplete information and an insufficient application to the proper authorities when requesting a variance.
  • Failing to adequately answer questions during your hearing.
  • Coming off as insensitive to the concerns of the zoning board and the public.
  • Misunderstanding and misapplying the law.

These are just some of the many mistakes that can be made in this process, which is why you’ll want to stay on your toes throughout it and diligently ensure that you’re not making any missteps along the way.

Are you prepared to pursue your zoning variance case?

If so, then now is the time to start gathering the relevant documentation you need to aggressively pursue the outcome you want. The process might not be easy, but thorough preparation can help put your mind at ease and increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome.

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