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Who bears responsibility for a condominium’s upkeep?

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2024 | Homeowners Association Law |

There are many positives to owning a condominium in Arizona. When compared to owning a house, it avoids many of the challenges that people might face including being solely responsible for repairs, maintenance and safety.

Still, there are difficulties that can arise. Knowing how the homeowner association (HOA) is responsible for various issues and what unit owners must do is key to ensure the property is handled according to the law.

How are responsibilities allocated for upkeep?

The HOA is required to make repairs, oversee maintenance and replace common elements if necessary. The unit owners are responsible for their own units. If, for example, there is a play area, a gym or a garden that is communal and used by the residents and damage occurs for any reason, the HOA will be expected to repair it.

The same is true for maintaining equipment and appliances that are used by all unit owners. As for the units, the owner will need to take care of their own home. If there is a leak and they need a plumber to repair it, that is their responsibility.

In some cases, the unit owner might be asked to allow access to make the repairs, maintenance and replacement. If there is damage to common elements or the unit because of granting this access, then the responsibility will need to be determined to decide who will pay for the repair.

HOAs and unit owners share the responsibility for the condominium

The objective of condominiums and cooperatives is for people to have a nice place to live while sharing and mitigating the costs and requirements of ownership. An added benefit is for there to be common areas that people will be free to use.

It is important to remember that wear and tear is inevitable, items will need to be replaced and repaired, and people will face problems with their individual units. This can lead to confusion and dispute as to who is expected to cover the costs. In these cases, it is imperative for the HOA and unit owners to have a grasp of the law to reach a fair outcome.